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There's Nothing Wrong with Socialism--as Long as It's Voluntary

•, by Tim Worstall

The views from the Marxist side of the tracks often follow the topsy-turvy logic of something created by Lewis Carrol. Often, they work better if viewed as a mirror image.

The Flawed Logic of Anti-Capitalists

Take, for example, the claim by Richard Wolff that "capitalism is the reason your employer is screwing you over." According to Wolff, workers' cooperatives are very much better than capitalist forms of organization.

There's nothing wrong with cooperatives per se. But Wolff's demand that the coops gain access to outside capital is where his argument starts to go wrong. After all, the only useful definition of capitalism is a system in which access to outside capital happens.

One of the primary objections to capitalism is the boilerplate insistence that in a capitalist system, the worker doesn't gain the full value of her labor. This is exploitation, and something must be done about it.

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