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Liquid Piston gets more DARPA funding for 30KW engine 30 times smaller than todays engines

• by brian wang

When development of the fully packaged engine is complete, the 30kW X4 engine is expected to weigh just 30lbs and fit into a 10" box, while achieving 45% brake thermal efficiency – approximately an order of magnitude smaller and lighter than traditional piston diesel engines, and also 30% more efficient. The efficient, lightweight, and powerful rotary Diesel/JP-8 X4 engine offers a disruptive power solution for direct as well as hybrid electric propulsion and power generation.

* it will be about 4-30 times less volume and weight than existing engines
* it will be about twice as efficient

It can be used for breakthroughs from drones, robotics and exoskeletons.

Lightweight and Compact