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The Troubling Internal Logic of the Far Left's Calls for Violence

• by Logan Albright

Before comedian Louis CK was drummed out of show business for sexual misconduct, he offered a prophetic insight into the increasingly hysterical and abusive state of American politics. "People always say abortion protesters are so shrill," (I'm paraphrasing) "But they think babies are being murdered!"

The point is a good one. If you sincerely believe that inhuman atrocities are being committed, what sort of person wouldn't interfere with as much force as necessary to put a stop to the evil?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, in the light of the Left's increasingly hysterical behavior against employees of the Trump administration. From Sarah Huckabee-Sanders being driven out of a public eatery, to Maxine Waters inciting harassment against administration officials, it seems like we're only witnessing the beginning of something that could turn very ugly very fast. In fact, in some cases it already has. Let's not forget the shooter who took aim at a baseball diamond full of Republican lawmakers last year, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise.

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