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Zubrin describes how Dipole Drives can be built and they would be better than other...

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Robert Zubrin has provided more details and analysis of his new dipole drive to Centauri Dreams.The main new information is Zubrin describes the relative simplicity of building simple double sail systems.

* dipole drives are buildable to improve cubesat propulsion
* dipole drives could be used to move around the earth and moon and reduce fuel usage
* dipole could reduce trip times for space telescopes to gravitational lens points 500 AU away to less than ten years. This would be 2 to 5 times less than other gravitational lens missions.
* power beaming could further enhance dipole drive performance 

Nextbigfuture covered Zubrin's propellantles space sail concept in May.

The dipole drive is made from two parallel screens, one charged positive, the other negative, creating an electric field between them with no significant field outside.

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