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Health Basics QUIZ: Which has killed more people, measles or the measles vaccine?

•, by SD Wells

You've seen horrific pictures of children with poliomyelitis, mumps, and even smallpox. You've heard that the science is "settled" as far as vaccines go, and that they are one hundred percent safe and effective. You've also never seen any media coverage of vaccine side effects or adverse events that left children maimed or dead, so why ever question immunizations of any kind, including the flu shot?

You would never dare ask a pediatrician if vaccines are safe or effective, because you would look stupid, right? Would you ask the doctor or nurse how many people have died from the measles vaccine right before they're about to administer it? What if you were extremely allergic to its ingredients? For some children, vaccines can cause anxiety disorders, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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