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Americans Forced To Comply By 2020--No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed

• Lisa Haven

Lisa Haven and Real ID

The date is Oct. 1st, 2020, and you arrive at the airport in preparation for a domestic work meeting you have to attend. To your surprise, the airline attendant won't allow you on board because you have neither your passport nor the required Real Identification card. She says your state drivers license will no longer suffice and unless you comply, they'll call security and have you escorted off the premises.

Truth is, this will happen starting, Oct. 1st, 2020. If you are a citizen of America you will no longer be able to fly without your Real ID, nor will you be allowed in any federal buildings.

By now, you may have heard about the Real ID Act that was passed in 2005, and you may have received a notification of 'compliance' by your local DMV.  But just what is required by the Real ID? And what 'compliance' are they asking for? All that and more below…

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Comment by Ed Price
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Look. It's basically as simple as this. Your ID isn't you. Get an ID for yourself to use. If anybody has a problem with you, find out what it is, and correct it. If you owe someone, pay him. But if someone brings you to court without saying "man" or " woman" in their talk about you, they are only bringing the ID to court. If they make trouble for you, the man/woman, sue them as a man/woman for messing with you, and sue their bond if they are a government official. All this anti-ID talk that is out there is only a bunch of BS. The 4th Amendment "person" talk is what IDs are all about. You ain't that person. You are a man/woman. If the person has done something wrong, let them put the ID in prison, not you, because you haven't harmed anyone, they haven't even called you, the man/woman, to account. They have only called your ID.

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