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News Link • Internet update from the founder, plus some new FAQs


(Natural News) is the free speech alternative to YouTube, where censorship is so out of control that YouTube is now banning videos about CBD oil and natural medicine. I started the project several months ago when YouTube, without explanation, banned my entire channel (with 1,000+ videos). Now, I'm building a platform so that others can express their beneficial ideas for society without being silenced and censored by the truly evil oppressors who run Google / YouTube.

After a soft-launch of (with a very limited invite of a small number of content accounts), we're now in "bug hunt" mode. We've got lots of bugs in the system, and some slowness in video processing, but all those are getting addressed day by day.

A new production build will go online sometime Wednesday, and it should feature several key improvements. Development will continue as we build more features through the remainder of this year. (Playlists is the No. 1 most requested feature, and that's on our list.)

Notably, uploads, transcoding, storage and playback are working in most cases (but not all). New videos are being posted every few minutes, and our moderation team is approving them rapidly once they appear in the moderation queue. Currently, it's taking about 30 minutes after the upload to appear in our moderation queue, and another 30 minutes to go live. That total delay of one hour should be drastically reduced to about 10 minutes or less in the near future.

In terms of video playback performance, we are nowhere near capacity. In fact, we're still pegged at 0% of our capacity, meaning we haven't even begun to stress the system in terms of simultaneous video views. Remember, we've built the system to handle over one billion video views per month.

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