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Brett Kavanaugh: A "Controlled Judge" Who Aided In Cover-up Of Vince Foster Case?


Despite Kavanaugh's conservative rulings as a judge, in my opinion, he falls into the category of a controlled judge who, like Chief Justice John Roberts, can be allowed to pursue his own conservative legal views until they need him in an "eleventh hour" crucial case to act as a swing vote. – Viktor Porlier

Seriously, I don't know why the professed conservative party would not put forward its most conservative nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy, but this is how it goes.  They talk a good game and then they let you down.  This is the case with Brett Kavanaugh, and if there is one thing that people should remember, it's that Kavanaugh was the independent assistant attorney (IAA) in charge of the final investigation in the Vince Foster case.

Kavanaugh took over for Miguel Rodriguez who had revealed the Foster case was a homicide. Kavanaugh stated that he would do whatever it took to advance his career but was ordered by three federal judges to keep the witness statements and Rodriguez' discoveries in the final document.

Both conservative and liberal media outlets have failed to cover the information that was scattered throughout the report even to this day.

They have been just as complicit as was Kavanaugh in the coverup of what was clearly the murder of Vince Foster.

I'm not the only one saying it.  This video titled The Vince Foster Cover-up: The FBI and The Press is a must view and demonstrates why Kavanaugh is part of the Clinton swamp people were promised that Trump would drain.  And don't think Trump doesn't know this.

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