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Watch Live: Hearing Devolves Into Chaos After Strzok Refuses To Answer Questions

• by Tyler Durden

On the question of Strzok's bias and whether we should believe he didn't act on it.

The question every American should ask is this: How would you feel if he'd expressed such disgust toward you, and was also investigating you?"

Update 1: The hearing has begun...

Things are already heating up at the Strzok hearing, where Democratic and Republican Congressman have devolved into shouting at one another after Peter Strzok refused to answer a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Goodlatte insisted that Strzok must answer since he is appearing under subpoena. Strzok replied that he was instructed by FBI attorneys not to answer questions about an ongoing investigation (Gowdy had asked Strzok how many people he interviewed during the summer of 2016 in connection with the nascent Trump probe).