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Super-critical water nuclear reactor status update

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* Potential for cost reduction
• Fuel cost is lower, but capital cost is higher, for nuclear than coal-fired power plants
• Increase in steam temperature could simplify the nuclear system
* Advancement in boiler technology
• Leverage development in the fossil-power industry reducing cost and risk
• Net efficiency could reach ~50% at steam temperature of 700°C

SCWR Concept Development Status as of 2017

* Canada, EU and Japan have completed the development of their concepts
• International peers reviewed the concept and assessed viability
• R&D to improve confidence on the developed concepts
* China and Russian Federation are working on completing of their concepts
• China plans to host the review of their concept with international peers
* Preparation of a fuel irradiation test
• Acquire design and licensing experience of in-reactor supercritical water system
• Obtain in-reactor data on fuel, cladding material and thermal-hydraulics at supercritical pressures to improve understanding and for code validation
* Development of small SCWR concepts
• Other than Japan's Super Fast Reactor, all SCWR concepts have been developed to generate electric powers at or greater than 1000 MW
• Small remote communities require much less power
• Adjustment of SCWR core size to meet local deployment needs (e.g., 10 to 300 MWe)

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