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A startup energy company claims to have created a stable fusion reactor that can supply the...


(Natural News) Is it really possible to capture the energy released during nuclear fusion reactions and turn it into an unlimited power supply for the entire world? A startup energy company based out of Washington state says it is, having recently put forth claims that it successfully discovered the "holy grail" of nuclear fusion.

AGNI Energy, headed by 25-year-old Demitri Hopkins, is calling it "a paradigm shift in power" – a newfangled "beam-target" blueprint the company came up with that supposedly achieves nuclear fusion far more efficiently than any previous iterations. Mimicking the activity of the sun, which is the universe's most prominent natural fusion reactor, the new technology represents a major breakthrough that could forever change the way we all obtain energy.

It basically works by fusing together two lighter atomic nuclei into a single heavier nucleus, generating an energy release. Unlike nuclear fission, it produces very little nuclear waste while producing up to four times as much energy – a win-win that could make existing nuclear energy production technologies obsolete.

The concept has been around for a long time, but nobody has been able to develop a workable fusion reactor to make it happen – until now. AGNI says that, for the first time ever, it is possible to produce a positive energy balance from fusion reactions, meaning more energy can be captured from the reaction than is required to initiate the reaction.

Using a combination of both electric and magnetic fields, Hopkins says his company will utilize a groundbreaking method of fusion production in which a beam of ions is focused onto a solid fuel target. This beam will travel a very short path in order to reach its target, and will not need to be controlled for very long before triggering fusion – meaning it requires very little energy to make it all happen.

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