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Second passports now a "trophy" for the ultra-wealthy


I have to chuckle a bit…

The mainstream media is now picking up on the idea of a second passport; and even adopting the Sovereign Man ethos of having a "Plan B."

Bloomberg published a widely-distributed article with the headline:

Where the Super-Rich Go to Buy Their Second Passport

The article begins…

Cheaper than a Gulfstream, nimbler than a superyacht, a second passport—or a third or fourth—has become another trophy for the ultra-wealthy.

The article even quoted a lawyer specializing in second citizenships as saying:

If you have a yacht and two airplanes, the next thing to get is a Maltese passport… It's the latest status symbol. We've had clients who simply like to collect a few.

There's even an accompanying video that shows beautiful people drinking cocktails in exotic locations and doing backflips off a cliff into Caribbean-blue water.

Finally, there's a table of the 10 "CIP" – citizenship by investment – programs available around the world. These are countries that will grant you citizenship (which comes with a passport) for cash, an investment in a local business or real estate or some combination of the three.

Austria tops the list with a total cost of nearly $24 million for a passport. Cyprus is next at $2.375 million.