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Europe is on the edge of calamity:

• by Dave Hodges

In this recent story over at Zero Hedge they report that according to a top advisor of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he will now run the country singlehandedly with any and all dissenters fired in the wake of the recent presidential election which granted Erdogan sweeping new executive powers.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

With Erdogan wasting no time making moves that will cement himself into a dictator under the country's new system of government, the new form of government in Turkey shows the country "is no longer a democracy, with no checks and balances, and Erdogan will henceforth rule with executive decree."

And with parts of the Middle East once again up in flames, the chances of all-out war breaking out in the 'powder keg of the world' grow more stronger with Iran now warning President Trump of 'the mother of all wars' while Erdogan recently warned that a coming war between the crescent and the cross may be inevitable. And while President Trump suggested that he'd like to improve ties with Turkey and Erdogan, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon recently called Erdogan 'the most dangerous guy in the world'.

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