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Secretary Mattis, here's a roadmap to peace in the Middle East

•, By Sen. Rand Paul

At this point, I'm sure, if Gen. James Mattis is reading this, he is probably muttering to himself: "Here we go again."

You see, every time I run into the secretary of Defense, I try my best to make the point that we've been at war too long in too many places.

Gen. Mattis, as well as the head of NATO, the head of the UN, and virtually every voice of reason in the foreign policy world, acknowledges that there is no military solution to the unending Afghan War.

For that matter, most agree that there is no military solution to the Syrian civil war or the Yemeni civil war. And yet . . . the same voices that admit there is no military solution keep sending more troops.

The Vietnam War strategy of taking one more village to get a better diplomatic deal still rules among many decision-makers.

I, for one, will keep pushing for a declaration of victory and a grand celebration as our troops come home.

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