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The 9 most SHOCKING vaccine ingredients of 2018


(Natural News) The year is 2018, and it would be nice to brag about science and medicine having come "so far," but that's impossible in regards to vaccines when they're used to make humans sick and dysfunctional, especially newborn babies, infants and children. The theory of vaccines is legitimate, and the idea that doctors who attend eight years of medical school recommend all of them sounds convincing, but today's nerve-and-immune-system-crippling ingredients should sound off all of your common sense alarms like ambulance sirens heading to the scene of a life or death emergency.

The problem with questioning anything at all about vaccines is that you're immediately labeled "anti-science" and "anti-vax" by the pro-vaccine cult – the same goons and trolls who want to have you burned at the stake if you get cancer and refuse chemotherapy.

Another huge problem with questioning anything about vaccines is that, if you do, you're immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist, but then again, most of the "conspiracy theories" of the past decade or two have been proven true, like the U.S. government spying via Prism on all of its own citizens, and the CDC covering up health detriment caused to babies by the toxic MMR vaccine, or the Obama Administration running a shadow government the past two years, and we could just go on and on.

So, the next time you even consider a flu shot, or have a baby, or hear about a friend or relative catching the measles, take a look at this article again, and remember what you learned about the insane, useless, experimental contents found in what is still termed "modern medicine," even though the vaccine industry has already shelled out over $3 billion in damages to families whose kids were maimed or killed by the farce of "safe and efficient" immunization.

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