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Hair of the Dog

•, By Bionic Mosquito

While not surprising, it is worth noting: just in the comments here, how many different views about what it means to be a Christian, a believer, the meaning and purpose of the Bible, etc.  And this audience is a mere speck in the universe of diverse Biblical interpretations.

From what is perhaps the most studied book in the history of the world, we don't have a single answer; we have had 2000 years to figure it out, and it seems we have only become more confused.

Is it possible that God is too complicated for us to grasp fully?  Certainly.  Is it possible that this might be why Peterson has difficulty dealing with such questions?  Maybe.  Is it possible that people who get so upset about "the wrong" interpretation might be the ones with the wrong interpretation?  Often.  Is it possible that Sola Scriptura only served to add confusion instead of bringing clarity?  I won't touch this one with a ten foot pole.

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