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Arrest of 80-Year-Old Patient Shows Why We Need Legalization

•, By Anthony Johnson

Many people on a fixed income can't afford the doctors visit and licensing fees that it costs to be a registered patient. When patients are battling severe and debilitating medical conditions, especially if they are elderly, they may not remember to, or otherwise be able to, renew their state certification, which is what happened to a poor 80-year-old patient, as Fox 17 West Michigan reported:

Delores Saltzman and her son Mark tell FOX 17 cannabis saved her life: it worked up her appetite when she was sick; helped her heal after surgeries; and eases her pain from ongoing health conditions. They are disturbed a deputy jailed her overnight for using her medicine.

June 13 around 9 p.m., Clare County Sheriff's Deputy Ashley Gruno knocked on Delores' door. According to court records, Gruno was trying to locate Saltzman's great granddaughter, and return her lost phone and ID. That's when the deputy smelled marijuana from Saltzman's porch.