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Schiff Caught on Tape Attempting to Collude with Russians!


RUSH: Folks, we're loaded again today with some really powerful, important and genuinely hilarious stuff, such as Pencil Neck being scammed by a bunch of Russian comedians falling for a routine that they claimed that they had nude photos of Trump that they had given to Putin. And Schiff tried everything he could to track it down, and we've got it all on audio. It's absolutely wonderful.
This stuff has been known for 10 or 12 months. The reason it's coming out now is because of his stupid little memo. Somebody on our team is really playing good offense here.


RUSH: I want to now turn to Adam Pencil Neck Schiff, the leader of the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. They call it "the ranking member." That's, you know, Washington code word for the minority leader. The Democrats are the minority in the House, so the Republicans have a couple more seats on the committee than Democrats do. It turns out that about 10 months ago, little Pencil Neck got scammed by a couple of Russian comedians who called his office and claimed that they knew that Vladimir Putin had blackmailable nude photos of Trump.