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• by Neal Baker

Intrepid shipwreck explorer Darrell Miklos stumbled across the huge structure in the Bahamas using maps designed by an ex-NASA astronaut

A TREASURE hunter has made an "astonishing" discovery in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle that he believes is evidence of aliens landing on Earth.

Darrell Miklos uses secret maps created by his ex-NASA astronaut pal Gordon Cooper to unearth shipwrecks in the briny deep.

The mystery structure was found 300ft below the Caribbean Sea in the Bermuda Triangle

But during one of these trawls, intrepid explorer Darrell stumbled across huge mysterious structures that he thinks could change how we view our place in the universe forever.

The huge unidentified submerged "spaceship" is covered in 15 unusual "protrusions" — which Darrell describes as "unlike anything I have ever seen".

Darrell, who will show off his other-worldly find on his Discovery Channel show Cooper's Treasure, told MailOnline: "It was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature."

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