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50 years in the making, a restored streamliner claims the land speed record

•, by Nick Lavars

That dream has now come to fruition, with Danny Thompson setting a new land speed record in his dad's refurbished streamliner.

Mickey Thompson first set his sights on the land speed record at Bonneville in the '60s, going close with his Challenger 1 hot rod in 1960 but then breaking down on the return run. Another attempt in 1968 with the Challenger 2 was then brought undone by a rainstorm that turned the salt flats into a lake.

Mickey retired from racing but kept the dream alive, partnering with son Danny to launch another attempt, though this collaboration came to a tragic end when Mickey and his wife were murdered in 1988. Now, on the 50th anniversary of the Challenger 2's construction, Danny has completed the job, riding the very same vehicle to glory.