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New Mexico Jihad Compound Destroyed by Unidentified Authorities, But Something Is Fishy

•, Oxygen

The FBI is not cooperating with lawmakers who are asking questions, which is raising suspicion that something is being covered up. In addition to seizing the RV, the unidentified law-enforcement agency also bulldozed the entrance to an underground tunnel where the decomposing body of three-year-old Abdul-ghani Wahha was kept, supposedly in expectation that he would resurrect as Jesus and use his powers to help the group combat "corrupt institutions and people" with "violent actions."

Siraj Wahhaj, who was on a terror watchlist for the past 13 years, is the father and also the accused murderer of the boy, and will remain in jail pending a warrant for his arrest in Georgia for the abduction of his son. However, Judge Sarah Backus ordered the other four Muslims to be freed on a $20,000 "signature bond" (meaning they didn't have to pay). [These facts do not fit well together, which causes us to agree with the skeptics that something is fishy, indeed.] -GEG