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Student Says Rape, Jury Says Rape, Poo-Bah Says "Nope. Case Closed."

• By Professor

I've spoken before of the kangaroo campus court system, and the gentle reader should put very little stock in rulings made there, even if, as the university is prone to announce, the findings in the system are "unanimous." The system is generally rigged, and is used to cover most everything on campus, from minor policy details to the most grotesque rape.

      Whenever some dispute occurs, a "jury" is convened, a panel of faculty (or possibly purely admin). Regardless of composition, these poor souls generally must do whatever admin tells them to do…if this committee disagrees with what admin wants, the gentle reader can rest assured they're only making that disagreeable ruling because there's simply no way to assert anything different. To really hammer this point home, I've seen a committee unanimously determine that it's simply a matter of policy that 12 divided by 5 is 2.35—I'm serious, the five of them (one of them with a Ph.D. in Math Education) put together did that calculation to two decimal places even after I tried to explain it was incorrect.

 I honestly don't think the committee was as incompetent as they claimed, but I relate the story because that's generally how far a committee will go to appease admin.

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