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Life After Google: People Will Tire Of 'Usurping Human Minds'

• by Tim Ciccotta

American thinker and economist George Gilder joined Breitbart News Daily this week to discuss his book Life After Google.

George Gilder joined Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily this week to discuss his new book Life After Google, which makes the case that the big data era led by companies like Google is coming to an end.

Gilder started by explaining why the Google model cannot last forever. "Their great mistake is addressing the issue of security successfully. One of the reasons for free is because nobody wants to steal free stuff. So the burdens on security for the network are greatly diminished," Gilder argued. "A free model doesn't really teach you. Capitalism is based on markets and prices and relationships with customers who you have to serve and who have rights. This is how capitalist progress works."