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Research Paper Declares Bitcoin Compliant With Shariah Law

•, Jamie Redman

One particular subject people have pondered is whether or not bitcoin complies with the religious law that forms a part of Islamic tradition  otherwise known as Shariah Law. This week a microfinance firm based in Indonesia, Blossom Finance, published a 22-page working paper that concludes that "bitcoin qualifies as Islamic money, except where it is banned by a local government."

Over the past few years since the creation of bitcoin, many people have wondered if cryptocurrencies are compatible with Shariah-compliant finance. Islamic banking has a lot more rules that apply to profit sharing, loss bearing, leasing, safekeeping, and more. For instance, Shariah Law specifically prohibits usury which is called "riba" or collecting interest paid on loans. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have come into question over the years concerning whether or not they comply with Islamic banking. Just recently this past December a Muslim cleric declared that owning bitcoin was compatible with Islamic finance.