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A Little Secret GM Isn't Telling Us About Improving The Bolt EV Battery

• BY George Bower

Remember the song "I can't Drive 55"? It's about the same thing when it comes to charging speed. Why won't GM make the Bolt EV charge faster?

Our resident heat transfer expert Keith Ritter made a very interesting discovery when analyzing the Bolt EV battery pack. It was part of a detailed heat transfer investigation of both the Tesla and the Chevrolet Bolt EV batteries.

Keith modeled the heat transfer aspects of the Bolt EV and we discovered that the pinch point for heat transfer out of the cells is the metal "fins" that go between the cell pouches and transfer heat down to the bottom plate. Those metal fins essentially limit the pack charging rate to what it is now.

Here's another interesting discovery we've uncovered in the analysis: If you add another cooling plate ON TOP of the cells you get a factor of 3.5 heat transfer improvement. A factor of 3.5 I asked? It's got to be a factor of 2. Two plates=twice the heat transfer. Right?

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