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Korean Peace Derailed; Taiwan War on Track

• by Peter Lee

It's not easy for America, which drove the world into a ditch…twice…in this century to rally its allies and assets for another self-serving campaign, this time to preserve US hegemony in Asia…but the US government, the Pentagon, the think tanks, and the media are doing their best.

Korean peace is stalling, the Taiwan plot is progressing, and Donald Trump is imploding.  Almost everything seems to be going according to plan.

Korean peace looks like it will take a back seat as the Pentagon and Donald Trump focus on cutting the People's Republic of China down to size.

The PRC elite mood seems to be that Trump is not interested in a win-win China deal, he's interested in a protracted zero sum conflict designed to degrade the PRC's geostrategic position, its economy, and even its stability.  And it looks like they are right.

The signs point to the US and Taiwan playing the Taiwan independence gambit as early as 2020 as a provocation guaranteed to draw the PRC into a conflict in which it is ill-prepared to prevail.

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