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How a twenty-year-old movie foretold the Mueller witch hunt

•, By Patricia McCarthy

It was riveting for its portrayal of the government's abuse of every hi-tech tool at the ready to surveil and destroy a man's life.  Those tools seemed make-believe in 1998.  How naïve we film-goers were.

In the movie, a man tasked with monitoring the habits of Canadian geese inadvertently catches a murder on film with hidden cameras in a park.  The victim, a Republican senator, has steadfastly refused to vote for the Telecommunications, Security and Privacy Act that would permit the government to do what it most certainly does do today.  The senator's refusal is unacceptable to the murderers who are agents of the NSA.  The government is bound and determined to develop the legal authority to surveil Americans, no matter the cost or the constitutional violations.

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