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The Israel Package - 7 DVDs Containing 15 Messages ...



The Israel Package contains these 7 DVDs, with 15 total messages:

Christ And The Pharisees (1 DVD containing 3 messages)

The Pharisees Hated Jesus 

Jesus Refused To Submit To The Authority Of The Pharisees

The Pharisees Are Still With Us 

The Church And Israel Combo (2 DVDs containing 8 messages)

The Presentation And Rejection Of The King

"An High Priest For Ever After The Order Of Melchisedec"

Jesus: The Seed Of David, The Seed Of Abraham

Christ's Last Words To Israel

"Not Of Works"

"Is He The God Of The Jews Only?"

"The Children Of Promise"

A Counterfeit Temple; A Counterfeit Israel

Jewish Zionists: The Spiritual Descendants Of The Pharisees (1 DVD containing 1 message)

Pharisees And Jews: The New Testament Record (1 DVD containing 1 message)

How Christian Zionism Is Dividing And Deceiving The Church (1 DVD containing 1 message)

I Will Curse Them That Bless Thee (1 DVD containing 1 message)