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Point of no return for climate action is point when Geoengineering will start

•, brian wang

If renewables and nuclear energy increase by 5%y per year then the point of no return will not be until 2045.

For the 1.5K target, the carbon budget is only 198 billion tons of carbon and there is no time left before starting to increase the renewable and nuclear energy share by 2% per year.

If the risk tolerance is tightened to 5%, the PNR is brought forward to 2022 for the 2K target and has been passed already for the 1.5K target. Including substantial negative emissions towards the end of the century delays the PNR from 2035 to 2042 for the 2K target and to 2026 for the 1.5K target.

Geoengineering would reduce the temperatures for the decades

Geoengineering can be done for a less than a few billion dollars per year. The cost has been estimated at about $5 to $8 billion per year. Not only is SRM relatively inexpensive, but we already have the technological pieces that assembled properly would inject the skies with particles that reflect sunlight back into space.

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