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Crypto Is a Revolution of Hope - Which Is Why It Succeeds

•, Wendy McElroy

That's what the obliteration of hope looks like: "the abolition of the market" in commerce, art, education, conscience, and all other social expressions. An abundance of hope looks like a market place on a busy weekend, buzzing with activity, colors, ideas, and people arguing about what is fair, what is new, and what is best.

The opposite: the imposition of a uniformity that quashes whatever and whomever differs or sparkles. Kolakowski concluded that the "abolition of the market means a gulag society." Such a gulag society may have wide-screen TV, sporting events, and fast food. Those are trimmings. Its defining core is the rule of, by, and for the elite, with the majority of people living in conformity, fear, or an apathy-induced grayness.

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