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Dear fellow Cancer Warrior

• Beating Cancer Gently


The information I am sharing with you is just the tip of the iceberg regarding my ongoing research of Non-toxic Cancer Treatments that have, in many cases, proven effective in not only treating cancer, but preventing its onset in the first place.

I have written this brief, but hopefully…informative letter to encourage you to continue moving forward with your life after a cancer diagnosis or the recent failure of a Standard Medical Practices Cancer Treatment have driven you into a roadblock.

Remember, a cancer diagnosis is simply the Check-Engine light appearing on your dashboard. The Engine is your Immune System and the cancer is simply the warning light. Just as you would proceed with servicing your vehicle…you should proceed with servicing your Immune System. Fix/restore the Immune System and the Check Engine light (cancer) goes away.  And…YES…it can really be that simple!

My research began as an outgrowth of concern I had for several friends and family members who had received dreaded cancer diagnoses followed by the inevitable cut/burn/poison (surgery/radiation/chemo) regimen that nearly all clinical oncologists have been recommending for over 60 years. Very few of those folks survived up to the watershed 5-year mark that the oncologists tout as a symbol of success in their industry.

As fate would have it…I, myself, would receive my first of two dreaded diagnoses in a year after a one-day illness sent me to a local emergency room with symptoms pointing to a bile-duct shutdown (which often signals the possibility of Bile Duct or Pancreatic Cancer). And, yes, it was Pancreatic Cancer. Don't worry, I was just as frightened as anyone might be, as you might be, but I already had in my research "toolbox" an assortment of "cancer-fighting tools" that would help me through the year-long misery of submitting to the cut/burn/poison regimen that I knew would nearly kill me.

My Pancreatic Cancer primary tumor required immediate surgical intervention.  The cancer had fortunately not metastasized and a PET scan showed it isolated to one tumor site at the head of the Pancreas and operable.  To survive, I knew I would have to submit to surgery and, not just any tumor removal surgery, but the dreaded WHIPPLE Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer.        I'll spare you the horror of the details. Please feel free to Google it and prepare to be shocked at the severity of this surgical intervention. Survival rates to 30 days after a Whipple Surgery are dismal. Survival rates up to a year are also depressing.

I knew, even at age 56, that I was tough enough mentally, and hopefully physically to rebound and fit into the survivor category. That being said, my research showed me that the strongest chance of survival would have to include a good deal of personal commitment on my part. I would agree to the surgery and the follow-up chemo and radiation therapies…that would prove to be no picnic, indeed. I would also concurrently begin a self- treatment, self-healing Anti-Cancer Protocol that I would control from the comfort of my own home. This protocol was designed to diminish the worst effects of the cut/burn/poison regimen and ensure a restoration and transformation of my impaired immune system.

Standard Medical Treatments (cut/burn/poison) with Adjunctive Cancer Therapies i.e., Cancer-fighting Vegan Diet, Immune System Stimulation, and other Nutraceutical Cancer-fighting Supplements would be my course of action. I did not share what I was doing on my own time, at home, at my own expense, with my Cancer Treatment Team. Based on careful inquiries and conversations with them, they may not have comprehended what I was doing. Remember, these are the people who never once mention rebuilding your damaged immune system i.e., changing your diet; eliminating sugar consumption; altering your body's pH from acidic to alkaline rich, and supplementing with anything during your treatment cycles.

I always squirmed when I saw the well-meaning, but under-informed nursing staff bringing us (chemo patients) sugary treats and sodas while we were being infused. These good people (and they really were very kind to us all) simply did not know that they were encouraging the survival of cancer cells with their sweet treats. Remember, cancer must have simple sugars (glucose/fructose) to fuel its growth.  Cut out the sugar and starve the cancer. The nuclear resonance material that is infused into us during a PET scan is mixed with GLUCOSE (sugar) as the delivering agent… because cancer cells are voracious consumers of sugar and the nuclear material lights up those areas in the body that are consuming unusually high amounts of sugar. Cancer thrives only on simple sugars. Cancer cells cannot metabolize complex carbohydrates, fats, or proteins!

I firmly believe the combination of Standard Treatments with the adjunctive therapies I had chosen…saved my life and, more importantly, have kept me cancer-free. I don't plan on just hitting the 5-year survival mark. I want the whole One Hundred Twenty Years that God, himself, said he would allow Man in the Old Testament. As an interesting aside…have you noticed, no one (since before Moses' time) has ever been documented to have lived past One Hundred Twenty Years!  In fact, no one person is documented to have made it, yet, to that mark. That's OK…I just want my shot at it.

I want you to hit that mark, too! I also do not want you to lie around helpless…waiting for that next phone call from your oncologist's nurse to schedule your next consultation, blood-test, or any number of standard treatments they have in store for you. If you want to fix that Check Engine light that is flashing somewhere in or on your body…fix the Engine (your Immune System) right now! Don't wait. Whatever you can do right now, on your own, will up your odds for long term survival. Even if you choose…and

it is your choice (not your oncologist's) to proceed with recommended cut/burn/poison type treatments, choose, also to heal your immune system at home, on your own time.

Your oncologist will do nothing to heal your immune system. Rest assured, chemo and radiation therapies will very effectively destroy it if you don't take action on your own to impede that destruction.

With all of that being said, I recommend you read at least two of my favorite books on the topic of healing yourself from a cancer diagnosis. The first and most important is:  "Cancer-Free…Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson & Carlos M. Garcia, MD.  This is the #1 recommended book by nearly all of the alternative (or should I say… ADVANCED) Cancer Treatment Clinics worldwide. I know, because I have called them.

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