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Mythbusting China Cold War 2.0: Debt Traps and Bird Flu

• by Peter Lee

And maybe you did hear about China's plot to kill us all with bird flu.

China's trying to get traction as the anti-Trump: a responsible, capable force in the world order promoting win-win cooperation, prosperity, and a better, healthier tomorrow.

It isn't easy with Western government and media continually on the prowl to identify and package anti-PRC talking points.

This week China Watch looks at two stories making the rounds: Zambia falls into China's debt trap…and…China's going to destroy the world with bird flu.

To me, both stories don't quite pass the smell test…but they were winners in the China-bashing sweepstakes.

The Zambia story dissipated the feel good vibes surrounding China's Africa project, the PRC's most significant claim to global good citizenship.

The bird flu story fed a "China's the evil empire/existential threat" narrative.