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Nextdoor User Educated on Markets after Accusing Man of 'Price Gouging' During Hurricane

• by Paul Cwik

As a North Carolina resident, I have been a little distracted by a giant hurricane heading my way. In fact, most everyone around here is a little distracted. Some people have closed up their businesses, boarded up windows, and left for higher ground. Others have decided to strengthen their position and ride out the storm.

It was during my prepping that I got a ping on my phone that a neighbor made a post about generators for sale. Some might think that I am strange in that I don't have a Facebook account, or really much of anything in terms of social media (maybe that's why I tend to have an optimistic outlook on life), but I do have a local Nextdoor account. It creates a tight circle of people who are truly local.

Insert Huffy Post about Price Gouging Here

Anyway, it was Wednesday when a woman posted the almost obligatory "Ripping Neighbors Off" post. Can you imagine that some guy bought a bunch of generators a while ago, stored them and is now offering to sell them, deliver them, and set them up with oil and gas for a markup of $500?