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'Young Americans For Liberty' Kowtows To Leftist Campus Commissars


'Young Americans For Liberty' Kowtows To Leftist Campus Commissars

The astroturfed faux-liberty organization shows it will never stand for free speech when it actually matters

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'America First' host Nick Fuentes is never afraid to embrace controversy, and he has emerged as one of Trump's top young media surrogates as a result of his hot political takes. After he was booked to speak at a small private college in Indiana, the campus commissars quickly identified Nick's wrongthink and stepped into immediate action to defame the man.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology President Jim Conwell released a groveling letter where he called Fuentes a "white supremacist" without offering any evidence for that claim. The letter could be seen as a dog whistle to ANTIFA to inform them about the event and jeopardize the safety of possible attendees.

"I want to re-affirm to all of our students, faculity, staff, alumni, parents, and friends that Rose-Hulman absolutely does not tolerate discrimination nor support hate speech. The decision to allow the Fuentes engagement to continue is based on our belief in this community's solid core values, which include the exchange of ideas," Conwell wrote in the letter.

However, while even this leftist campus commissar values the free exchange of ideas, the Young Americans for Liberty national organization does not. The leftist administrator was willing to let the discussion take place, but the supposedly pro-free speech liberty group put their foot down. As a result, the event is being cancelled, and the YAL chapter at Rose-Hulman that planned to bring Fuentes to campus was forced to dissolve because they stood their ground.

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