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The Misunderstood Child

• By Bill Sardi

Why doesn't your child want to get out of bed on time every morning?  Why is your child such a poor reader even with remedial tutoring? Why does your child fail to follow instructions?  Why are you frequently running your child to the dermatologist to check multiple moles that have developed all over his/her body?  Why in the world does your child have so many unfounded fears?  Why does your kid frequently have stomach problems, especially under mentally stressful conditions? Why do you have to pull over to the side of the road because your kid is car sick all the time?  Why does your child have such difficulty determining right from left?

If you have a child whose bad behavior and poor school performance is simply beyond explanation by pediatricians, mental health counselors and other child development specialists, your child may have a triad of nutritional deficiencies that have led to epigenetically imprinted behaviors, learning patterns, lack of stamina, lassitude, heightened sensitivities to sound, weak immunity and physically evident skin problems (especially moles) that heretofore were believed to be separate issues rather than part of a pattern of problems.

Your child may have a multi-faceted condition known as pyroluria.

You never heard of pyroluria and you've been battling to understand your child's behavior all this time?

Pyroluria defies simple definition.  It is frankly dismissed by modern medicine.  Modern medicine's overspecialization is one reason why pyroluria is not suspected because it affects so many aspects of a child's life, physically and mentally.  Different organs and tissues are involved.  You child may be carted around from psychologist to pediatrician to dermatologist and pediatric gastroenterologist.  And given that pyroluria emanates from a complicated nutritional deficiency, something modern medicine not only looks down its nose at but has little training in, it is not a surprise to find this condition is entirely dismissed.

For the most part, in the mind of doctors every malady is a drug deficiency until proven otherwise.  Disturbed and inattentive kids are prescribed stimulants like Ritalin that improve their grades and discipline but keep them up all night. Ritalin treats anxious mothers, not kids.

Diagnosis by symptomology

There is no convincing blood test to confirm pyroluria so it has to be diagnosed by signs and symptoms.

There are a number of maladies that are diagnosed solely by symptomology.  Fibromyalgia is probably one of the most prominent ones.  Fibro was often thought to be some sort of contagious psychosomatic condition.  But it certainly can't be said that fibromyalgia is something that thousands of patients simultaneously dreamt up in their heads. In fact, deficiencies of vitamin B1 and vitamin D both appear to produce the very same symptoms of unexplained pain characterized in fibromyalgia.

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