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Next level space is multi-trillion dollar businesses

•, brian wang

What are the next levels for space activities?
1000 or more times the flight and material in space
New and vastly larger and more profitable business
Industrialization and use of space resources

Nextbigfuture would say that what is needed for advancement to the next level is:

much lower costs to go to space
much lower costs to build in space
more infrastructure for energy in space
more key proven technology

The key parts are being able to use the various earth orbits, the moon and Cis-lunar area.

Lower costs to space

Much lower costs should have a major breakthrough prior to 2030 with the SpaceX BFR. This could be ensured by canceling the Space Launch System, Orion and the Lunar Gateway. This would free up $100 billion to actually advance space capabilities in a major way.