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The most important thing you can do this Fall

• by Vin Suprynowicz

The alternative –- all of Washington looking like the stage-managed Democrat chaos of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, with endless attempts to cripple Trump's America-first agenda with "impeachment hearings," as well as hearings by the shrieking, completely disingenuous "feminist" harpies into whether every white male conservative in America somehow committed "sexual harassment and gang rape" while they were in nursery school — is unthinkable . . . and unsustainable.

But we should remain confident. Why would the Party of Satan run the risk of exposing their true nature by adopting such desperate, transparent measures? Because they're losing, is why. Every dark and dire projection they made for an "impossible" Trump presidency has been turned on its head. What "magic wand" could an outsider like Trump have to bring back jobs and prosperity? Yet job growth and prosperity are now on display every day — along with the way you were betraying us on behalf of your Globalist bribe-masters, you lying losers.