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DOJ Sues California for Passing Net Neutrality Law that Treats All Traffic Equally


The US Department of Justice will sue the state of California to invalidate its new net-neutrality law that forces Internet providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon to treat all web traffic equally – which means that big users like YouTube and Netflix, who use most of the total Internet bandwidth, pay no more than anyone else – even if they want to do so to avoid traffic jams for their subscribers. California lawmakers wrote their law after the FCC scrapped nationwide regulations last year, citing the regulatory burdens they caused for the telecom industry. Federal Attorney General Jeff Sessions pointed out that states do not have the right to regulate interstate commerce. [There are strong arguments on both sides of this issue, but everyone knows that theoretical arguments are not always the same as actual practice. Whenever governments take control over an industry, as they do under net neutrality, it is not long before corruption overrides theory.  If one wants to know if net neutrality will be good or bad for consumers and especially for freedom of speech, just look at the strongest advocates. Why do you think that Google, YouTube, Governor Jerry Brown, and the legislature of California are so fond of net neutrality?] –GEG

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