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•, By Dieter Bohn

iGoogle is finally ready to get back into tablets, only this time it's with an operating system that's up to the task. The Google Pixel Slate it announced today will run Chrome OS, which has matured enough over the past few years to work better on tablets. This won't be the first Chrome OS tablet, but it will be the first one that can legitimately attempt to compete with the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro.

The Pixel Slate starts at $599, runs up to $1,699, and asks you to pay extra for a keyboard. It's more expensive than most tablets because it essentially has the guts of a computer, including an Intel processor. 

Pegging where exactly the Pixel Slate fits in the computer market is difficult, because the computer market is rapidly changing. Laptops are becoming tablets and tablets are becoming laptops, and we're seeing companies try to make nearly everything in between. We're entering a period of experimentation with big-screened devices and it's going to mean we'll see a lot of devices like the Pixel Slate soon. Stuff that doesn't slot nicely into pre-existing categories, but nevertheless could be a signal of what computers are going to look and act like going forward.

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