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Democrats now considering becoming "more ruthless" after they lost on Kavanaugh


(Natural News) As violent as the lunatic Left has gotten, there are renewed pledges from the perpetually angry to take their hate to a new level after losing the battle to keep Justice Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

But if you believe far-Left Politico, it's Republicans who have been "ruthless" in the age of POTUS Trump, despite the fact that Trump supporters and conservatives have repeatedly been targeted by angry liberals and anarchists.

As for the Kavanaugh battle, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee went from new low to new low in their bid to destroy him professionally and personally with a carefully orchestrated "wrap-up smear campaign," aided and abetted by their sycophantic allies in the mainstream media who took time away from trafficking in fake news to lend assistance.

Talk about ruthless. Democrats paraded in women who accused Kavanaugh of everything from simple groping and sexual assault to sticking his 'manhood' in a girl's face and cultivating "rape trains" for other boys by spiking the punch at parties and drugging girls. Corroboration of allegations didn't matter (because there wasn't any); allegations were enough. Democrats even went so far as to dispense with the bedrock legal principle of our nation: The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.