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Understanding the medical dictatorship: Medicine has transformed into a business enterprise...

• Natural News by Vicki Batts

(Natural News) Medicine was once firmly rooted in the art and science of healing — but in the world of modern medicine, that time has come and gone. Today's medical dictatorship is run more like a business, focused on the art of making money and the "science" of keeping people dependent on prescription drugs. What we call "medicine" today would probably have been considered "poison" in times that have long since past. A quick listen to any standard pharma infomercial is proof of that: The list of side effects that come with Big Pharma's so-called medicine is usually more than enough to give you pause.

Proponents of mainstream medicine may claim that their products and services are based on "real" science, but if that were true, we wouldn't be seeing so many natural medicines and supplements being banned by the FDA — while Big Pharma sells synthetic versions of the same products for massive profits. Indeed, if modern medicine was actually rooted in the science of healing, the pharmaceutical industry as we know it today would cease to exist.

The sham of pharmaceuticals

As Sayer Ji, founder of Green Med Info, writes, the art of traditional medicine has been lost to a corporate, profit-focused industry bent on creating and keeping "customers," rather than actual healing. Ji notes that there are an estimated 786,000 iatrogenic, or medically caused, deaths each year in the United States alone. And that's not counting all the medically caused deaths that go unreported or are erroneously attributed to other factors.

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And yet, the pharma industry has established nearly complete control over the medical community. Doctors are now being pushed to prescribe statin drugs for "heart health" instead of a healthy diet and exercise. And then, patients need more prescriptions to cope with the side effects.

As Dr. Robert Scott Bell contends,"Whatever you've got going on, modern medicine has it beat."  He goes on to state, "I believe Sayer is right here, modern medicine is a form of human sacrifice." See Bell's full video below:

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