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What will be the big changes from 2018 to 2028?

•, brian wang

Eleven years ago there was the introduction of the iPhone.
Airbnb started in 2008.
Uber started in 2009.
Bitcoin started in 2009.
SpaceX launched the Falcon 1 in 2008 successfully for the first time.
Tesla delivered about 100 Tesla Roadsters in 2008.
Skype was introduced in 2003 and had 8% of the international call market by 2008.
MySpace (126 million) was a close third in social media behind Facebook (200 million) in second and Blogger (222 million) in first in 2008.
D-Wave Systems showed a 16 qubit system in 2007 but did not have a commercial sale until 2010.
China's GDP in 2008 was $4.5 trillion and it is about three times higher today.
The number of outbound Chinese tourists went from about 46 million to about 140 million and their spending increased by about 8 times.
India's GDP went from $1.2 trillion to about $2.7 trillion today.
The US GDP went from $14.7 trillion to $20 trillion today.

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