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"Mother Of All Bubbles" - Roubini Bashes Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Libertarians?

•, by Tyler Durden

Nouriel "Dr.Doom" Roubini appears to have taken his nickname to heart this weekend, or perhaps just lost his mind.

After attacking the cryprocurrency, blockchain space during a testimony to the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Community Affairs, entitled (so subtley): "Crypto is the Mother of All Scams and (Now Busted) Bubbles While Blockchain Is The Most Over-Hyped Technology Ever, No Better than a Spreadsheet/Database," he appeared to take aim at crypto-libertarians for being white supremacists - well to be frank, we have no idea what he is saying...

"Yes many white supremacists are paranoid about any government & central authority (ie they are libertarian) while being racist, anti-semite, Nazi & fascist at the same time. Crypto has been able to combine libertarian zelaotry with fascist racist ideologies. Most are white kids"

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