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How Elizabeth Warren Got Trolled By Trump

• The Daily Bell

Not the kind of troll that lives under bridges and can be tricked by billy goats.

A troll is someone who puts on a straight face and says whatever he needs to in order to get a reaction from his target.

A good troll will take a position he may not actually believe in order to make those who actually believe it look ridiculous.

I think Donald Trump actually does believe some or even most of what he says.

But look at his trolling in a more abstract sense.

It says, look, this is your political system. Look how easy it was for me to take control of the wheel. And I did it all while making a joke of the whole thing.

Trump was the subject of a 2011 Comedy Central Roast, where he was already talking about running for President. A roast is an event where celebrities tell brutal jokes about each other while sitting on the same stage.

He played a part he knew would do amazing things for his popularity. Here's a big important successful man who can take a joke.

At the same time, he primed Americans to associate him with the Presidency.

But it was still surely all a joke, right? Just like the roast…

Oh and, oops, lol, it got him elected President, LMAO.

Look what one man can do to inflame the entire political spectrum around the world. Is that a stable system?

This is your democracy. These are your politicians. And this is how they react to someone like me.

He got "Little Marco" Rubio to make not-so-subtle innuendos about penis size on a Presidential debate stage.

"Low Energy Jeb" never stood a chance… "Please clap."