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Iran and America: Why All the Enmity?

• by John Limbert

They are not there yet. Until they are, denunciations, accusations, and threats are still the order of the day. Several years ago, an honest Iranian diplomat told my students, "The basis of our foreign policy is opposition to you." Iranian political scientist Mahmoud Sariolghalam recently wrote, "Anti-Americanism continues to serve as the raison d'etre of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This has less to do with the nature of the American system and more to do with the fact that Iran has turned anti-Americanism into an identity."

The result of these skewed Iranian priorities has been policy based on empty slogans and threats, inept diplomacy that—despite the efforts of some skilled individuals—has made Iran many enemies and few friends. Among the latter are the murderous regime in Damascus, and, ironically, the small and isolated Christian state of Armenia.


Things are no better on the American side. Ask an Iranian woman how she became pregnant and she may tell you "feshaar-e-atraafiaan" (pressure from those around me). This U.S. administration has also been both pressured and conned by those around it.

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