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Worried about radiation? These foods can help prevent exposure damage


(Natural News) These days, it seems like we are being bombarded with radiation everywhere we go. It's not just when you're flying in planes or getting an X-ray anymore; we've also got cell phones and other wireless devices and nuclear energy waste to contend with. If you're worried about how your body will cope with this onslaught, you might want to consider increasing your intake of foods and nutrients that can help prevent exposure damage.

While no food can block radiation or make you immune to its effects, nutrients have been repeatedly shown in scientific studies to help the body adapt to radiation exposure and speed cellular repair. Here's a look at some of the best options.


This superfood algae, which grows in freshwater, is one of the top radioprotective foods you can find. It gets its deep blue-green hue from a protein called phycocyanin, which binds to radioisotopes and heavy metals to help flush them from the body. In animal studies, spirulina has been shown to promote new blood cell formation and boost immunity in mice with damage from gamma radiation; it can also decrease radiation damage in general.

Miso soup

With its distinctive and delicate taste, this soup can be surprisingly powerful in protecting your body from radiation. It contains fermented soybean paste, which studies demonstrate can protect mice from sustaining damage from radiation with just one dose. It also contains an isoflavone called genistein, which promotes blood cell production after radiation exposure and is being explored for its potential to protect soldiers and civilians from nuclear threats. Miso soup also has a radioprotective enzyme that activates the genes used to repair DNA.

Berries and cherries

With their high amounts of antioxidants like quercetin and resveratrol, organic berries and cherries offer some protection from the free radical damage caused by radiation. Quercetin can protect proteins and lipids from deadly dosages of gamma radiation and shield mitochondrial DNA from damage due to oxidants, while resveratrol has been shown in animal studies to protect chromosomes from being damaged by radiation.

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