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Have Scientists Finally Revealed How Egyptian Pyramids Were Built?

•, Sputnik News

Scientists, for their part, remain at odds over how the Egyptians were able to transport the 2.5-ton blocks over 800 kilometers from Aswan in southern Egypt to Giza in the north over 4,600 years ago.

The remains of a 4,500-year-old ramp system have been discovered in an ancient quarry in Eastern Desert, in what scientists said may give a clue on how Egyptian Pyramids were built thousands of years ago, according to Live Science.

The ramp was unearthed at the Egyptian site of Hatnub by researchers from the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool in England.

The scientists suggested that the ramp was specifically designed to drag 2.5-ton stone blocks up a slope with the help of sleds and rope.