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Get This: Left-Liberals Have a Theory About Why They Dominate

•, By Tom Woods

Guest speaker Brett Veinotte told us a story that really stuck with me about a date he'd been on with a college professor. She asked if he was a Trump supporter, because some of the things he'd said had been "curious" to her.

He explained that he doesn't particularly favor either party, etc.

This absolutely did not satisfy her. She began speaking to him condescendingly.

As gently as possible, Brett shot back with something like this:

Well, let's examine your situation. You've gone through K-12 in government schools, created and run by progressives. Then you went to college, created and run by progressives. You went off to graduate school, created and run by progressives. Then you turn around and get all your information from the New York Times and CNN — again, a heavy progressive bias there…. So you've more or less just been a passive receptacle of conventional information your entire life. That might be clouding the way you look at the world.

Her response?