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Foxconn May Bring Chinese Workers To Its New Wisconsin Facility

• by Tyler Durdan

On the surface it was great deal: in what's being called the "largest economic development project in state history", Foxconn said it would build a $10 billion plant that will eventually employ as many as 13,000 people, the White House and Gov. Scott Walker promised. To be sure, it was a quid pro quo: to help lure the manufacturer, the state pledged $3 billion in tax and other "performance-based" incentives and local authorities added $764 million. Foxconn must meet hiring, wage and investment targets by various dates to receive most of those benefits.

And while many - including this site - accused the project of being a giant taxpayer-funded boondoggle, calculating that every job created would cost some $230,000 in incentives, a little over a year later and even more disturbing "glitch" in the plan has emerged: according to the WSJ, instead of hiring local talent, Foxconn is considering bringing in personnel from China "to help staff the large facility under construction in southern Wisconsin as it struggles to find engineers and other workers in one of the tightest labor markets in the U.S."

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