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It's Not Just Cable: Streaming TV Growth Is Suddenly "Cratering"

•, by Tyler Durden

And initially, the growth trajectory for these types of services looked to be long and fruitful for years to come. But recently, these streaming services have hit a harsh reality: their growth has hit a wall, according to a new report, and it now appears that even these formerly boundless streaming services are left with no choice but to cannibalize off one another. 

The question then becomes: can these services help reverse the subscriber losses that have plagued the entertainment industry for more than three years, or has the industry simply hit a point of supersaturation?

Contributing to the slowdown is the fact that, contrary to some expectations, consumers have turned out to be - gasp - price sensitive at a time when both Sling and DirecTV recently raised their prices. Meanwhile, the positives of video streaming – that they are (or were) cheaper, don't usually require a contract and allow watchers to be more selective with their choices - are balanced by the cons, including the fact that content choices can be limited.